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Romario Pizza - Restaurant Review
The best place for pizza delivery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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Looking for a great pizza?  Tired of trying to speak Spanish?  Want to sit in your room and not talk to anyone?  Well, whether you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your pizza or you want one delivered to your room, Romario restaurant can satisfy your needs.

The website for this little pizzeria is probably the most advanced website I’ve seen in Buenos Aires.  You can actually place your order online!  If you don’t understand something on the menu, not a problem, just click it and they have a picture!  If you have trouble seeing the picture try clicking again, some photos can be enlarged.

We stopped by the Romario on the corner of Cabello and Ugateche in Palermo on a Sunday afternoon when most places were closed for siesta.  We didn’t expect much from this small pizza joint, but we were extremely impressed with the sizzling pizza and Argentinean beer.

Pizza at Romario Pizza in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Medium Pizza at Romario's in Palermo, Buenos Aires

The atmosphere is something you might expect from a local pizza place in a small college town.  There is only one beer on tap (Brahma), a simple décor and a friendly staff.  My only complaint was the lack of napkins.  Instead of napkins there are small sheets of wax paper at each table.  This is great for holding your pizza, but I like a real napkin to wipe my mouth and hold in my lap.

The music is old American rock.  It is at a medium level, so you can talk to the people at your table, but it drowns out the passing traffic.  The plates are wooden and the pizza is delivered on a sizzling tray, it may be made of cast iron.

When your pizza arrives resist the urge to snatch up a slice.  It is so hot you can watch the cheese and toppings dance for a few minutes before it becomes cool enough to touch.  Even then I would use a knife and fork to serve the pieces as the metal serving dish is sure to be burning hot.

The prices are reasonable, you can find cheaper, but the atmosphere and easy delivery makes it worth the few extra pesos.  We ordered a medium pizza which is just enough to feed two people.  A medium pizza at Romario Pizza cost between 14 and 18 pesos, which is only $5 to $6 USD.

Romario Pizza is a locally owned chain, which can be found in all of the tourist neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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